Individual work with children and adolescents

I have worked with children in different settings for the last twenty years and they, like us, can suffer from stress. This may present itself in many different forms:
Anxiety – generalized or specific (e.g. school anxiety)
Panic attacks or PTSD
Concentration issues including ADHD
Problems with social skills
Habits – nail biting, thumb sucking, bed wetting
Management issues
Obsessional disorders
Eating disorders
School refusal
Within my extensive experience specializing in adolescents and children, it has been possible to deal effectively with all these issues.

Group work with children and adolescents

  • Anger management

This is a six week program which can be delivered to small groups or individuals. It teaches children about their anger: what is happening to their bodies when they get angry, the different anger styles, recognizing what triggers their anger and at what point they lose control, how their thoughts affect anger and how they can be challenged to reduce it, management strategies and how to talk in ways to avoid escalating or causing confrontations. The children are required to complete homework tasks that are relevant to the sessions.

  • Behavior management

This is a twelve week programme for children and teenagers who are struggling to behave in school. It covers much of the anger management programme, but goes further to include; classroom behaviour, locus of control, goal setting, problem solving, dealing with criticism and talking to teachers.

  • Stress management

This is a six week programme, useful for children who are approaching examinations or who have other stressful circumstances in their lives. Topics covered include causes of stress and what stress causes, decision making and problem solving skills, sleep health, effective coping strategies and life skills.

  • Coping with the bully

This programme is designed for children who are struggling with bullying, the aim is to increase self esteem and confidence and to teach the children real techniques that will work to ensure that they are able to break out of the victim role.

  • Fulfilling potential

This programme is designed for children who are nearing examination time 11 plus, GCSEs, A-levels. Education is given in study skills and hypnosis for enhancing performance, confidence, memory, time distortion and exam technique is used. An adapted version of this is also suitable for sportsmen or women.

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  • Mindfulness for schools

I am trained in the delivery of this programme and can offer it to schools or community groups as well as individuals.

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All these programmes can be delivered to individuals as well.