These training courses can be offered on demand within organisations or privately.

  • Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is being increasingly recognised as an incredibly effective way to cope with stress and also recognised by NICE and the NHS as the most effective way to prevent relapse into depression and anxiety states.

Each course is 8 weeks long and each session covers new skills, techniques and education about how the mind and body work. Building into a comprehensive introduction to Mindfulness for everyday life.

Course Aims: To learn New ways that will help us remain well and to handle our moods and emotions more effectively.

  • Stress management training

This is a two hour programme aimed at large groups of staff. The training is experiential in nature. It begins with education about the nature of stress, its causes and effects. Following this, time is spent focusing on lifestyle strategies to reduce stress and on the spot stress busting techniques.

  • Stress management Training (six weeks)

The difference with this course from the above is that it is aimed at individuals, or small groups within organisations who are experiencing high levels of stress and need more intense and personalised work than the two hour inset can offer. It is still experiential in nature- in fact more so and more time is spent teaching effective strategies.

  • Basic listening skills

This training is aimed at anyone who works with people, particularly those in pastoral roles whom are seeking to improve their skills. It is a two hour programme focusing on skills that will enable them to engage effectively and easily with clients/children.

  • Parenting workshops

This is a six week programme designed to offer support to parents who feel it would be beneficial to learn techniques to help them in their most important role. Also to allow them to meet with other parents who can offer support and ideas. There are two programmes one for parents of pre- school and primary children and another for parents of teenagers.

  • Anti-Bullying training

This is training in effective anti-bullying techniques, it is based on the no-blame approach to bullying, but has been adapted to ensure that those who are bullying are required to take responsibility for their behaviour and work towards understanding the consequences of their actions. The victim is never required to face up to those who have bullied them. The training is two hours long and is a mixture of information giving and small group exercises.