Mindfulness is being increasingly recognised as an incredibly effective way to cope with stress and also recognised by NICE and the NHS as the most effective way to prevent relapse into depression and anxiety states. It has been found to help with pain management and weight loss.

Mindfulness meditation stems from the Buddhist tradition, but has been secularised to ensure that it is fully inclusive.

Mindfulness is not paying more attention but paying attention differently , more wisely and more kindly- with the whole heart and mind, using the full resources of the body and its senses.

Mindfulness enables one to increase awareness so that you can respond to situations with choice, rather than react automatically. This is done by intentionally becoming more aware of our mind- of where our attention is, how we can change that focus of awareness and the effects this has on our wellbeing.

Mindfulness is not about trying to get anywhere but to learn to be aware of where you actually are and allow yourself to BE where and AS you are.

Both mind and body are vital to finding inner stillness and mindfulness works with both mind and body.

Mindfulness is not only about formal meditation practice but also teaches techniques that can be incorporated into every day life.

I offer Mindfulness training in four forms;

  • Individual sessions
  • Training
  • Group mindfulness training
  • Mindfulness for teens

Each course is 8 weeks long and each session covers new skills, techniques and education about how the mind and body work. Building into a comprehensive introduction to Mindfulness for everyday life.

Course Aims: To learn New ways that will help us remain well and to handle our moods and emotions more effectively.

Not only will we practice meditation in many differing forms, but we will also explore how you can benefit from applying patience, compassion and open-mindedness within and throughout your life. We will be befriending our body and learning to recognise the signals that it gives to us.